All fees are payable in advance by the respective due date of every month in cash/cheque, failing which, a fine of Rs.20/- (per day) shall be levied. If the student fails to clear his dues even after 10 days of the due date, He/she may not be allowed to attend the classes. Further, if the student fails to clear his dues even after 30 days from the due date, then his /her name would be struck off the rolls without any notice, and the security (if any) shall also be forfeited. However he/she can be readmitted on repayment of admission fee and Security amount (if any) along with fee. If a student takes admission in the middle of the month his/her fee would be due for payment on the same date every month as the date of admission and the same rule as above would follow.


Attendance is strictly enforced and students are required to attend at least 75% of the lessons/lectures. Every student is required to attend his/her classes on the fixed days and timing respective to him/her.


The theory examination is held in the month of December and the practical examination in the month of June/July as per the date sheet of Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad. A student should have 75% attendance to be eligible for examinations. The last date for submitting the examination form is usually 31st October.

Transfer of subject

Students are discouraged to seek transfer from one subject to another. Such transfer shall be made depending on the feasibility, and at the discretion of the college authority. Applicable fee as per the subject shall then be payable.

Identity Card

A student should carry his/her identity card at all times when he/she enters the college premises. Identity card, if lost, can be re-issued on payment of Rs.25/-. The security deposit shall not be refunded unless the student surrenders his/her identity Card after completing the course or at the time of leaving the college.


Students are liable to pay for any damages and/or loss caused to any property (including the musical instruments) of the college. No Person/s other than the students of the college are allowed inside the classrooms without the permissions of the principle. Students are encouraged to participate in the cultural programs presented or organized by the college. Any change in the address of the students is required to be promptly notified to the college office. The college will not be responsible for any loss of articles, such as shoes, brief-cases, purses, helmets, phones etc. carried by the students to the college. Every student is required to maintain discipline and abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the college. Any breach of these rules or an act of indiscipline and/or disobedience is liable to disciplinary action which may amount to expulsion of the student from the college. The college has a provision for limited scholarships for the differently abled and ex-servicemen. The Principal may exempt deserving students from payment of tution fee, fully or partially. The criteria will be academic merit and economic status of the student.

Other general rules & regulations are mentioned below and on the back of the admission application forms. Students are advised to go through them before seeking admission.

Other General Rules & Regulations -

All class schedules, fee structures, rules & regulations and terms & Conditions are subject to updates/revisions from time to time and are updated in the institute�s website, students are required to go through them before seeking admission and even during the span their courses. Availability of seats, time slots, fee structure, rules & regulations etc. to be checked at the time of admission.

The institute observes all important holidays and remains closed, NO extra class is given in lieu of such holidays. Students must attend classes only on their days and timings as fixed at the time of admission. However in special cases, students can opt for flexible days & timings and even for weekend only batches. The fee structure for such provisions may differ and be little more. NO extra class is given if students miss their classes. However if a student misses her/her classes due to medical reasons, then on submission of medical certificate, 50% of the missed classes can be given as per availability of day & time with the concerned teacher.

All students are required to pay their monthly or quarterly fee ON or before the due date, failing which a fine shall be charged. Students who fail to pay the fee on time may not be allowed to attend the classes, and lapse of the grace period to pay the fee with fine leads to cancellation of admission as per the rules of the institute. Due date for every month will be calculated from the date of joining and shall not be changed. No fee, once paid shall be refundable under any circumstances. No trail class is given either. The fee is incremented every year as the student progresses to the next level/year. Students rejoining the institute after a gap of Six months shall pay admission fee again.

All examinations are held through external educational organizations like the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad ( For Indian music ) and The Rock School, UK (for western music). Students opting to give these exams are required to join long term courses and need to have minimum 75 percent attendance with fee payment for the whole year, (Payable on monthly or quarterly basis ). Examination fee shall be payable separately. After examinations, mark sheets are issued within a few months but diplomas and degrees take a very long (sometimes years) to come from these organizations. Students are required to keep tracking the Notice boards at the institute for important updates related to examinations, holidays and events etc.

All areas of the institute's campus, including all class rooms are under CCTV surveillance 24x7. However the college will not be responsible for any loss of articles, such as shoes, brief-cases, purses, helmets, phones etc. carried by the students to the college. Students are liable to pay for any damages and/or loss caused to any property (including the musical instruments) of the college. No Person/s other than the students of the college are allowed inside the classrooms without the permissions of the principle. Smoking is prohibited, nor is anyone allowed to get any illegal substance or material inside the campus. Students are required to maintain discipline in and around the campus and not to cause discomfort to the neighbors over parking etc.

Parents must ensure safe pickup and drop of minor students by themselves or their authorized persons, the institute does not monitor and takes no responsibility of how or with whom the child leaves the institute. The institute also advises parents to wait at the institute's lobby while the classes are in progress in respective class rooms. No parent or attendant is allowed inside the classroom. However, a parent or an attendant may be allowed to sit in the classroom for 2-3 classes if the child is below 7 yrs of age.

The institute only provides training in the fields of Art & Music and does not take responsibility of providing any kind of platform for performances or participation in stage/TV shows or competitions etc. nor does it help students in recruitments or in forming bands etc. However it may inform students about various competitions and shows etc, but it does not take responsibility of student�s safety or selection in the same. Students are required to scrutinize the authenticity of such events/shows and take decision of participation themselves. Students who form music groups/bands amongst fellow students and interact/practice with each other either inside or outside the campus do so at their own discretion & responsibility.

The institute sends text messages or calls on the mobile number/s provided to the institute by the student from time to time to inform about any change of class schedule or to remind them about the fee payable etc. The student shall have no objection in same even if his/her phone number is registered under the DND services by his/her cellular network provider. The institute updates its picture Gallery from time to time both at the institute premises and on it�s website & social media pages etc, where pictures of students taken randomly by the institute are uploaded or displayed. Students shall have no objection in the same or if they do have any objection they may request the institute to remove the same. This shall be done as soon as it�s technically/physically & practically possible.

The application form for admission in the institute is available from the admission desk at the institute. The institute reserves the right to grant admissions, or deny admission for long term if a student is found not being able to pickup music lessons even after a few months of training. The institute also reserves the right to expel any student found violating rules and regulations of the institute.

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