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The Saraswati Music college (new delhi) place where you can learn play piano. This piano school is the India's leading and most imitated contemporary Piano Playing school . The piano school is not just a basic classroom experience - it's a total ture vision of the world of Piano. Learn piano in a new riff and use it on your stage under the personal supervision of best working professionals in industry. Best team of first-hand access to some of the greatest piano players in India through frequent guest classes and concerts.

The traditional method of learning piano involves arduous lessons in piano notation first and then finally moving onto more fun stuff like playing your favourite compositions. Old fashioned methods also require a saturation of theoretical knowledge prior to moving on to the actual performance. Some individuals prefer to learn their favourite tunes first using the study of chord patterns first by ear and then move onto reading piano sheet music.

Individuals who are self-taught generally prefer an approach based on studying melodies using piano tabs or chord charts and later tutor themselves with more complex concepts. Simply, think about how much more enthusiasm you will get by performing your favourite compositions or songs in just a few days and later deciding to study the boring technical details such as music theory. Anybody can buy a keyboard or even upright piano for cheap nowadays and begin experimenting by ear or with the piano notes of their favourite tunes in front of them.

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